"Building Communities one School at a Time"

Creative School Zone, is a company that has been in business for five years supplying customized homework folders free to students. We are currently working with over 600 schools and helping over 1 million kids!! We are very excited to introduce a new program that will put free folders in the hands of many more children.
We customize folders with your school name and mascot on the front of the folders and ship them directly to you!! No more waiting in line at the office supply store to get your homework folders. We do all the artwork for you (including your sponsors) and you receive the folders directly...hassle free! The inside flaps and the back of the folders have sponsorships from local area businesses (your Partners in Education) cultivated by you that are willing to support your school.
This may be something your PTA or Education Foundation might be interested in sponsoring.  The folder could then be used as a student handbook, schedules for sporting events, calendars, etc.
If this sounds like an opportunity that you would be interested in, please email us directly at info@creativeschoolzone.com, or give us a call at 573-649-9500.


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